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SendPulse is a must-have marketing tool!

Alessandro Bottai, Co-Founder and Marketing Director @ Tixplan
I'm really happy with SendPulse: Push Notification service is very well designed, effective and fast. Email service as well, is one of the most performing I have ever tested.And their support is fast and reactive.Thank you guys :-) ...

SendPulse Email Marketing

Good product

Manish Vaghella, CEO at Jinan Jovision Company Kenya
Sendpulse is a good smtp product but it has its own issues and hope they have resolved the issue.Once you talk to top management, your issues are resolved faster than when you talk to customer care who tell you to go to look for solut...

SendPulse Email Marketing

Great services!

Adriano Romagnoli, Analista de Sistemas
They have an excellent plataform. Congratulations.

SendPulse Email Marketing

Great Thank you!

Nadezhda Kostadinova, Sales and Marketing Manager at HOTEL PREMIER; Assistant at Tourism Department,ST CYRIL AND ST METHODIUS UNIVERSITY /VTU/
Dear all, creating SurveyLegend. Just keep making this useful platform. I work as an assistant at a University and it's really important for me to use it. Thanks a lot!

SurveyLegend Online Survey
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